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kisIf you are one of the growing army of grey nomads doing the big lap, discovering, or hoping to discover, the joys of the open road in this wonderful country, then this is for you. Whether you are a baby boomer travelling indefinitely, choosing to spend the winter months up north, or simply enjoying a few short trips a year, you are part of the growing grey nomad community in Australia. Whether you are travelling in a caravan, motor home, camper van, camper trailer, fifth wheeler or a tent, this is the place to read about people like yourselves... and about the issues affecting the grey nomad lifestyle in Australia.

Planning a grey nomad journey in the caravan or RV? Or maybe a camping trip? Before you get going, there are a few things to think about: where you will go, who is coming and what other bits and pieces you will be taking.

Once that's all in order, here are some awesome tips and tricks every grey nomad or camper should know. They will help you navigate the road, have a great camping trip and

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3There is nothing more peaceful than sitting around a campfire enjoying a night under the stars or snuggled up in a tent telling ghost stories. But, some of the most beautiful places to camp are only accessible by an All-Terrain Vehicle. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, preparing and packing for an ATV camping trip can be overwhelming. It's not just the destination that counts, it's also the equipment you choose to take (or don't take). Here are a few tips on having an amazing camping trip by only taking what can fit on your ATV.

1. Plan in Advance

Camping with an ATV can pose a few more kinks than a normal camping trip. Because of this, it is important to plan a little more extensively. Have a map on hand so that you can easily tell where you are going and to help you get back on track should you lose your way. As you would get your car or SUV inspected before a long road trip, the same needs to be done for your ATV. And with any planned vacation,

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u7Why go camping?

Camping holidays in your own tent are more economic than staying in a hotel, b&b, or other type of more formal accommodation. It's also easier to relax and be yourselves - and you can (to a point, depending on where you camp), do what you want and when you want.

Camping should be fun, it's informal and there's a serious possibility that you won't have to drive the kids anywhere (much!). I once stayed the night in a b&b... the woman running it asked what time I'd like breakfast, to which I answered 'about 7am please!' She looked a little blank and then pronounced 'OK, 9.30 then'.

If you're not used to camping, a few trial test runs in the garden are a good idea. Get used to your tent, and get used to the 'stuff' that you need, the things that are practical and the things that make you feel comfortable when in your tent.

Once you have your 'basic kit' established, you'll find that packing up the car runs much more smoothly and with your packing routine running on auto-pilot, you'll only need

How do you ensure a good night sleep when sleeping in the outdoors? Having the right gear is a good place to start! Make sure your pad, mattress, cot or hammock is sufficiently cushioned to protect you from the cold ground. In addition, there are also many smaller actions you can take before and during the night to help improve your quality of sleep.

> Choosing the Right Sleeping Platform:

    • Self-Inflating Foam Pads: These pads offer a combination of foam and air. Air fills the pad automatically when you open the pad's valve.


    • Air Pads: These pads use air for cushioning and must be manually inflated. Some models include an external pump or integrated hand pump for inflating the pad.


    • Foam Pads: These pads are a camping basic that feature a dense foam filling.


    • Air Mattresses: These use air for comfort and are much thicker than the pads used for camping. They are considered the closest to a real bed that you can get and are typically sized to be used with regular sheets.


    • Cots: For use in campgrounds or other similar long-term uses, cots keep you a comfortable distance from the ground and can typically be set up easily by one person.


  • Hammocks: These are made

Roaming large tracts of the Australian outback are packs of wild dogs. These are not the kind of canines that jump up on the couch and lick your face. In fact, they're more likely to tear your face off.

In 2014, a man on Fraser Island, off the South Australian coast, was attacked by a pack of four dingoes as he took an evening stroll on a beach. He only survived the mauling by curling up into an armadillo-like ball on the sand, this posture protecting his stomach, genitals, face and throat, while his hands covered the sides of his neck and ears.

The dogs ripped off his tank top and savaged his back, buttocks and the back of his head. Luckily for him, some nearby fisherman heard his cries and the snarling of the dogs, which they drove away before they inflicted mortal injuries. The attack took place just two years after another at the same island location, when a female German tourist was seriously mauled and was lucky not to lose her life.

Two month old Azaria Chamberlain wasn't so fortunate. In 1980, a dingo prowling around the tourist campsite at Uluru in central Australia darted into a tent and grabbed

Camping can be lots of fun, but your experience depends on how prepared you are for the camping trip. The tent that you choose for your trip is among the most important factors that can play a role in the overall camping experience you and your family enjoy. Besides getting the right tent size and your most convenient style, you must think about the fabric that the tent is made of. There are several options and by knowing the pros and cons of each will put you in a better position to make a good choice.


It is one of the most popular fabrics for tents and it is maybe because it is durable and strong, but remains lightweight thus making it easier to carry and store. The material is usually waterproofed and breathable hence it can allow vapor out and at the same time keep you dry. Your nylon tent won't rot, but mildew can eat on the waterproof coating and when this happens then the tent is left un-useful. Even though uncoated nylon tents do not absorb any water, they are not waterproof. The material is commonly used on tent floors and fly sheets where light weight is needed.

With the weather warming up, now is the time we think about getting outside and enjoying the weather. One of the outdoor activities we think about is going camping. What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than to start planning a camping trip and what you will need for that trip.

I have always loved the Springtime. Winter is done and the weather is warming up. There is new growth on the plants and the birds are building their nests. It is at that time that we want to get outdoors and breathe the fresh air. Depending on where we live, the Spring and Summer can come at different times. In the warmer sections of the country, we make the most of this beautiful weather before the heat of Summer hits. In the cooler sections, we welcome the Spring Warm-up and moderate Summers, giving us a chance to get out of the house, where we have been cooped up all season. It is so wonderful to know that we can now go camping and spend the night in the fresh air, and once more be connected to our beautiful natural world!

In my own experience, I can remember camping as a

Outdoor adventures can be lots of fun, especially when you choose to go on a camping trip with your family. The natural surroundings offer an array of fun activities, even children will enjoy as long as you have selected a campsite that has it all. When thinking about sleeping on the ground most people worry about creepy crawlers and cold, but when you choose the right camp tent, then you will not have to worry about such issues. To get the perfect tent, however, there are several things you must remember to look into.

1. Tent size

Usually tent sizes are based on how many sleepers they can accommodate. But remember that you need space for your luggage. If a tent says it can sleep six people, take that to mean it can sleep 4 people comfortably. The last thing you want is a tent that cramps you and your family in. Think about the real length and width of the tent, especially if you are looking through family tents.

2. Tent comfort

Treat the camp tent as your lodge out in the forest or woods and so it should offer you comfort whether you are taking a nap or reading and relaxing or

Selecting Camping Sites

When it comes to selecting camping sites, the right choice can help create memories that are made that can last a lifetime. The experience of living in the great outdoors, if only for a short time, alongside Mother Nature's lush green trees and crisp cool breeze, is simply extraordinary. Let's face it, with our busy schedules and hectic fast paced lives, when do we get the opportunity to stop and appreciate what camping outdoors has to offer? Camping gives us the chance to have a stress-free - I'm not trying to impress anyone' type of attitude. While camping itself is great; it can really only be that way if you choose the proper camping site location. A poor location can result in a terrible experience, and no one wants to have that as a "lasting" memory. That said, let's discuss how to select the best form all the available camping sites out there.

First off, there is nothing like a finding the perfect camping site. While there may be some differences of opinion on what one looks for in a great camping site, there are some basic core expectations. You will want a relative flat surface that is free

Camping can be both the best time you ever have, or the worst. The difference can boil down to how prepared you are. Having a camping list is critical to being properly prepared when it comes to a great camping experience. Do you have all the right gear? You will probably want or need a tent, sleeping bags, and a good camping stove to name just a few. To discover ways to be as prepared as you can for camping, read on into the following paragraphs and remember to be a little like Santa Clause. You know... have a list and check it twice.

Camping List

Prior to leaving, take a couple of minutes to make a camping list of everything that you require. Attempt to start getting thing's together numerous days before you leave so you have plenty of time.

While a nice campfire can provide plenty of light around the campsite area itself, you probably will want to bring several good types of flashlights to have available on your camping trip. This is especially true if you plan to venture beyond the campfire's range of light. A good flashlight can also come in very handy when making those nightly visit to

If you want to go camping during the next holidays, you may want to consider some good camping tents. But if you have no idea what type of tent to buy, you should get help. Choosing one on your own is not a good idea. Given below are 3 tips that can help you pick the right family tents.


Some camping tents have their own floors. They are made from solid fabric and are sewn to the camp walls. The type of camp will keep the water from getting into your camp. Aside from this, in coldest winter days, the ground can get really hard. As a result, you won't be able to sleep well in your sleeping bag.


If you have a big family with 5-10 members, you want to buy a camp that can accommodate all of you. Besides, you will need enough space for keeping other necessary items in the tent.

Before you pick a tent, make sure you have taken into account the size you need. As a general rule, it's a good idea to go for a bigger version rather than a shorter one. A small tent will be enough if you are going to go camping with

With the coming of spring comes the annual appearance of Crocus's, Robins and warmer weather. But, this spring the temperatures are slow to rise. Even though, I am looking forward to packing up my tent and camping supplies and my wife, kids and Fido, our family pet dog... and heading to our favorite camping spot in the woods.

It's been a while since I've been camping. I bought a tent about 5 years ago... a large conical tent shaped like the traditional Plains Indian tepee. It hasn't seen the light of day yet. Still In the box. This year will be different. As a matter of fact, I plan on going on that trip in a couple of weeks... if mother nature agrees. There's nothing worse than a sudden cloud-burst of rain driving us into the tent. And after the downpour trying to dry all the stuff that was left outside during the storm.

When I was a little boy my dad, mom and brother went to a state park, our favorite destination, for our traditional annual picnics. These outings I remember with great fondness and I guess this was what got me interested in camping. And what better fun than sharing

With summer comes the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the long warm days and the cool crisp nights. It's a time to leave the confines of the city and head to seclusion of the wild. Leaving your cares and worries behind, so you can simply relax and in turn, relax simply. It's time to go camping.

So, let's be honest, for some people the mere thought of camping is far from a vacation. To others, however, it's a great escape; a chance to spend time outdoors and to reconnect with the spirit of nature. Now, if you're a first time camper it is important for you understand a few things up front. Unlike staying in a traditional hotel or condo, you have to differentiate between essential items to pack and those that are more luxurious and probably not needed. For example: will you be staying in place that has cell phone service or Wi-Fi? Do you need an entire make-up bag or can you get by with just a few basic items? Most importantly, how do you plan to stay warm, dry, and fed during your camping trip? The key to safe and successful camping is knowing what necessities to

When it comes to camping, there is nothing more exciting than experiencing the raw natural feeling of the great outdoors. From the tranquil streams, amazing scenery, the quiet whispers of the forest, to a bear attack. Yes, you read that right. Let's be clear; if you are in the wilderness, there is a chance that you might have an encounter with actual wildlife. Now, this can normally range from birds, bunnies, and maybe the occasional skunk, but there are times where a bear encounter is possible. Here we will take a look at how to ensure that everyone is, in fact, safe in the off chance of a bear encounter in the wild. In this article, I have provided some important tips to avoid bear attacks while enjoying outdoors.

Types of Bears

North America is home to different species of bear, namely the black, brown, grizzly, and polar bear. Of these, only polar bears are interested in humans as a source of food. The rest typically do not attack you, unless you give them a reason to. Although, these bears rarely attack humans for predatory purposes, and there is no need to have an irrational fear of a bear attack while camping,

Camping is a fun recreational activity that allows you to enjoy the outdoors, usually amidst all that Mother Nature has to offer. People go camping in a forest, national park, in the woods, near a river or lake, and can stay there for one or more nights. There are private campgrounds as well that are privately owned by people who encourage campers to come and enjoy the nature with them. Camping trips can be fun when organized properly.

There are many questions that you might want to ask as a new camper. Following is a list of common questions that every beginner for camping will ask. I'll recommend not to take up camping, until you get all your questions answered and understand the requirements what all is expected.

Where Do I Camp?

There are two types of campgrounds, public and private. Public campgrounds offer a variety of places to choose from like national parks, national forests, Bureau of Land Management Areas, and State parks. Each one of these, in turn, have many campsites to choose from. All of them, more or less, offer the same amenities like restrooms, hot water for showers, and shopping areas; which are very helpful for beginners. You can

Let's face it, a first time at anything can be a bit scary. First time driving a car, first date, first real job, or buying your first house. Yet, despite that fear, millions of people do them for the first time every day. So, why should staying in the great outdoors be any different? I mean, we can read about the beauty of the wilderness and we can even go online line and try to live in a virtual word. The fact is, however, nothing compares to actually going out there and living in the moment and grabbing the camping experience with both hands. Now to do this right, you do need to be prepared and to prepare for this particular adventure, you will need to know how to build a tent.

Now tents have been the centerpiece for enjoying the outdoors and even primitive lodging for thousands of years. They have been used by explorers, outdoor adventurers, and even following natural disasters and emergencies. Now, when it comes to braving the elements, tents are thought of as one of the most basic, but most important pieces of equipment. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors and

So, you have decided to go camping for the weekend or maybe even the week, but you aren't sure what you will eat during your trip. Well, you are probably going to need some good camping recipes to get you started. Let's face it, you won't have access to a gourmet kitchen or maybe even electricity or gas. What you will have is an opportunity to get real creative and in the end, make some really nice meals for all of your camping companions.

Camping Recipes - What to Expect

When it comes to finding and preparing those fabulous camping recipes, there are several things you will need to consider. You need to be aware of what type of facilities you will have available. For example; running water, electricity, or gas would be a good place to start. Will you be able to cook on open fire or possibly a grill?

The next thing to consider is what king of cookware and utensils will you have to use. If you are driving to your campsite you would have more opportunity to carry additional items in that if you were hiking to your camping destination. Here is a list of key items to consider:


Adventuring in the great outdoors is always a great deal of fun. If it wasn't, the sporting goods stores wouldn't be filled with all those outdoor products for those who enjoy spending time on hiking trails, mountain climbing, kayaking, etc.

While these are incredibly fun hobbies to take part in they are also hobbies that have an air of danger to them. This is not to say that the activities are dangerous by themselves, but sometimes the elements can be dangerous as well. Because of this, one needs to be well versed in the skill of outdoor survival so as to avoid a fatality in the case of an excursion going horribly wrong.

In the past, many people did not take the notion of training for outdoor survival very seriously. But a series of horrible tragedies have been reported. This has greatly raised people's awareness towards the necessity to understand what is needed in order to protect oneself in a dangerous situation when the weather or the elements turn hazardous.

Contrary to popular belief, one does not need the skill of a special forces operative to be safe in the outdoors. Instead, a few simple skills and knowledge must be acquired in order

When it comes to RV campgrounds, there is nothing more fun and free about having the opportunity to travel the country in search for a new life or simply an outdoor adventure. For those who are retired, it can be rather fun to visit sites out there that they may have never visited before. Now recreational vehicles have been around for some time, but are more popular today than ever before. As camping has become a very common hobby that many people take part in, understanding the needs pertaining to RV camping is more important than ever.

For starters, RV camping provides you a chance to do something different for a change. There may be some of you who have never actually gone camping. If, this is your first time, knowing what to look for in RV campgrounds is a critical piece to having a great outdoor experience. Here we will cover a full checklist of what to look for and what to bring to your RV campgrounds. Also, for those that may not own an RV, you can easily opt to rent one by looking online for some great deals. This will give you a chance to see if the

I do not think anyone would not know about the parachute cord (i.e. Paracord) ever since it was first introduced and applied in military affairs during WWII. Nowadays, parachute cord is used by both military and civilians for a great number of purpose tasks. In this article, we will talk about what the paracord is and its applications.

What Is Parachute Cord?

Real paracord is usually made of seven strong nylon cords with each cord made of several smaller braided strands, which all wrapped in a mobile outer braided nylon wrapper. This structure and composition of the cord make it durable, flexible, soft and versatile in application. The combined breaking strength of real paracord is 550LB. So, some people also call it "550 cord".

Applications of Parachute Cord:


The paracord can be used to repair torn or broken clothes and equipment. You can easily mend your torn clothes with the internal strands which slide easily out of the casing and a makeshift needle outdoors. As for the equipment, also, you can sew the pieces together securely when broken. The process is simple as well as.

Stay Cord

Whether you are going camping or a hike, you can use the paracord to tie things to your backpack